Web Portal Access Instructions

    Bedside X-Ray images and radiologist interpretive reports can be accessed via the secure and HIPAA compliant Rapid Radiology Web Portal.

    View step-by-step instructions with on how to access your reports and images via our web portal.  The instructions are in a PDF file that can be saved and printed.

    Step 1: Contact Bedside X-Ray to receive your username and temporary password.

    Step 2: Enter your username and password credentials. To comply with HIPAA standards, you will be prompted on your initial login to change the password that was provided to you by Bedside X-Ray.

    Step 3: Enter your current password provided by Bedside X-Ray. Enter and confirm a new password of your choice. Click on “Agree and Save”.

    Step 4: After successfully entering a new password and saving, you will receive a message indicating your account was updated. Remember your new password and username in a secure manner. Bedside X-Ray does not have access to retrieve your new password!

    Step 5: You will now be able to click on Patient List and gain access to your patient’s information.

    Step 6: Click the on-screen icons to gain access to reports, images,
    fax capabilities and more.

    Step 7: To exit the system, simply scroll to the bottom of the screen and “click” on Log Out.