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    Bedside X-Ray utilizes multiple vans each equipped with our state of the art imaging and diagnostic equipment ready to go.  This means a mobile office available directly to your location’s door.  Outfitted with our team of Registered Technologists (RTs), most services are available within hours, not days!

    • Bedside X-Ray offers a 24/7 answering service for all of your portable diagnostic orders.
    • X-Ray image discs are available upon completion of service for the ordering doctor/practitioner or facility.
    • X-Ray images and EKG interpretations are transmitted instantly to a board registered Radiologist/Cardiologist for interpretation. This results in a fast turn around of patient reports. Typically within less than an hour!
    • All Radiologists that interpret Bedside X-Ray images are JCAHO certified!
    • Reports will be returned to ordering Doctor/Practitioner or facility by fax or email.
    • Secure Login site to allowing instant viewing of X-Ray images even prior to Radiologist interpretation report.

    Portable Digital Xray

    Portable EKG

    Mobile X-Ray Van and Portable X-Ray Machine